n i g h t   4   z i n e s

Artist Statement, Event Details, and Artist Bios

a r t i s t   s t a t e m e n t  ­–

Self-publishing is a wonderful way to give voice to the stories and creators that traditional publishing hasn’t made space for. Night 4 Zines was an event with the intent for local creators to launch their self-published work in a space that centred connecting with the community. The goal was to create an alternative platform for showcase traditionally uncentred voices and narratives within the local publishing scene.

Our experiences as marginalized creators are felt privately so we must celebrate our successes together.

This event was organized by student artists and designers to provide a space to celebrate work and being able to create space together outside of traditional publishing. We provided a non-transactional space, food, art, and community in an emotionally intimate environment.

The event took place at the TRANZAC’s Tiki room, it began with co-programming with Seiji & Kaythi, included readings done by each artist, and was followed by artist dialogue with organizers and attendees. Artist works and works created by classmates during the semester were made available for purchase with emphasis made on the fact that purchasing work was not the intention of the event.

The event was heartwarming! Everyone who came out made the night so special. Thank you to Rakshanda Khan and Rabeea Syed who weren’t able to make it out that night but still held closely in our hearts. Thanks to MeganAmanda for the beautiful photos and Sheila Sampath for the guidance and encouragement.

Get in touch with me (Natalie Mark) if you’re interested in co-organizing or hearing about future events!

e v e n t   d e t a i l s  –

Night 4 Zines is a student operated informal book launch forToronto based independent zine/self-published creators with the intention of showcasing marginalized voices in the Toronto DIY publishing community!

As a group of independent creators, we understand how hard it can be to exist outside of traditional publishing. Our event aims to provide DIY publishers on the margins a space to share and celebrate work. We not only want to celebrate the joys of DIY publishing, but celebrate the voices in our local publications scene in a relaxed environment focused on community building and art.


DATE: December 8, 2017 6 PM - 11:30PM

f e a t u r e d   c r e a t o r s –

Rakshanda Khan is a lapsed graphic designer studying to become anArt Therapist. Her comics explore themes of cultural identity, mental illness and motherhood and she is currently working towards a graphic novel on self injury.

Vincy Lim is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator currently studying atOCADU. Their queer and disabled identity is highly influential in their art practice, from stylization, to subject matter.

MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE Keet Geniza is an artist born and raised inManila. MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! is a project and practice that centres the intertwined processes of making, shifting and loving as a queer, brown, pinay femme immigrant. Through representational art and illustrations, comics, writings and zines, MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! is a practice that facilitates her ongoing quest to untangle and reconcile the roots of past woundings, explore and transform her engagement with solitude and invisibility, and navigate the cusps between personal heritage and narrative reinvention.

Loretta Miauw I am a self-taught illustrator and comic artist, who moved to Toronto 3 years ago from Melbourne, Australia. I am also a facilitator and have run workshops with youth, migrant rights organizations using comics to talk about social justice issues. I self publish poetic zines and mini comics (Dreams of Loss & Transformation, Sweat & Tears) which are semi-autobiographical and draw on themes of cultural loss, grief, relationships, trauma, queerness, race, and healing.

Rabeea Syed My work explores feelings of diaspora through location and through things that represent a feeling of home or belonging (such as food). It also revolves around things that make up my identity (being a brown person) as well as issues I've faced in both Canada and Pakistan.

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